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The Foam on the Waves 03.01.2011

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So I’ve actually put this blog on hold but I figured maybe people from uni (and other English speakers) might want to see my project in English rather than the Danish version. For people who don’t already know, I did this for a uni module called Narrative Construction. It’s basically a mix between storyboarding and well… eh, illustration, except not really. Our task was to tell a story (our own or we could take something else and ‘make it our own’) so I decided to do something with mermaids because apparently I have a thing for them. Either way, I went a bit in the slightly less positive and more sort of depressing direction this time. Felt like it was time for something darker than I usually end up with.

Anyway, here goes:


Taking a Break 22.03.2010

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Decided to put this blog on hold for a while as it seems the only readers I ever get are strangers looking for mermaid drawings and I’m already finding it difficult trying to find time to regularly update the Danish blog. Might start posting again later on when I start doing interesting things again or maybe I’ll find something else to do with this blog. I don’t know yet. For now you’ll have to do with Google Translate‘s (useless grammar but sometimes rather hilarious) version of my original Danish blog if you’re actually someone who wants to read about what I’m doing.

Just another week 01.03.2010

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I still exist but nothing very exciting has happened since my last update. My uniprojects aren’t really interesting enough to be uploaded yet, halls are still full of noisy people (hopefully they’ll be moved to a different flat in a few weeks if they don’t manage to get kicked out before then) and Martin is still ever so busy with Beauty and the Beast.

Louise (yes, that Louise) and Matt (yup, the Englishman) are coming later this week. Awesome!

Spring! (almost) 20.02.2010

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It’s quite interesting to read statuses on Facebook and realise that about half my Danish friends are complaining about endless snow and freezing weather while we haven’t seen snow here since sometime in January. It’s still freezing at night but the sun is out, the sky is blue, the birds are singing and the grass outside halls is full of snowdrops and it almost feels like spring. Might also have something to do with the lovely fresh smell of lilies in my room coming from the flowers Martin got me for Valentines.

At uni we’ve started projekts in most subjects. We’re learning Flash in Animation (will upload some stuff once I can do more than just make things move about a bit :P) and in 3D Studies we’re building sculptures out of paper. We’re going to draw them and do some experimenting and eventually build them digitally.

Just now I’m home alone at Martin’s house as his folks are out shopping and Martin himself is at Centrestage rehearsing Beauty and the Beast. The opening night is in less than two weeks so they’re suddenly very busy all the time. Can’t wait to see it! Louise is also coming (all the way from Denmark!) and Matt is flying up from England so the whole gang will be together again. Will be great to see people again :)

Flu, Daleks and Photography 14.02.2010

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Right, so a slight lack of updates on this blog when comparing to the DK version. Fear not, however, I’ve just been a bit ill with the flu. Before I had the flu this was all that happened: I started back at uni, joined a photography evening class (also at uni) and went for several walks with Martin. Other than that, not so much.

Or actually, at home they made a snowman a few weeks ago. I wanted to upload a picture of it (they emailed me pics, yay!) but completely forgot so here it is. A snow Dalek! Seriously, how cool is that! I’ve been wanting to build one since the first snow fell but I didn’t get around to it while I was home for Christmas and the snow here melted over a month ago. Also, speaking of Daleks, I’ve got a slowly growing collection of them, must take pictures later.

Tuesday night (hours before I was attacked by flu) I went to my previously mentioned Digital Photography class. We were in the studio and took some photos. It was great fun and I got to talk to some of the others. (I’m the youngest in the class and it seems as though it’s quite obvious that I’m a student as opposed to everyone else who’s doing full-time jobs but people are really nice). Didn’t get to take all that many photos as we were about 15 people sharing the light and whatnot but we’re going back to the studio next week so should get some more then.

Of course the next day I woke up with flu, phoned the doctor and was told to stay in bed for a few days. Just great. As far as I know we were supposed to start new projects in all three modules Wednesday/Thursday so it’s not really the best timing but there’s not much to do about it now. Martin came to pick me up so I had someone to bring me soup and take care of me. It helped! I’m very much starting to feel better so should be able to go back to uni next week.

My Wall Clock 01.02.2010

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I actually got the idea for this way back in September (found the actual clock in a cheap shop where it originally came with matching numbers but it just wasn’t interesting enough), started the project sometime in October and then let it go stand-by as I was missing a 9 o’clock. So for a few months it was just hanging about with the missing 9 (not that it mattered that much, you could still tell what time it was) until I finally got nine things to put up. But now it’s finished! Probably one of those projects that should really be seen in real life but so far a photo will have to do. Here’s a list of the things the clock is made up off, just because it’s interesting:

  1. Letter
  2. Cars
  3. Buttons
  4. Signs
  5. Keys (two kinds)
  6. Butterflies
  7. Tickets
  8. “Gemstones”
  9. Animals
  10. Coins
  11. Postage stamps
  12. Eyes

The clock is ticking away.

Internet and Timetables 27.01.2010

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1. My internet wasn’t working when I got back to Halls but yesterday it suddenly went all “Internet Connected”. It’s not completely stable (or indeed on the whole time) and apparently it won’t let Chrome (my favourite browser!) through so I’m stuck with Internet Explorer. Great. I’ve imported all my bookmarks (IE isn’t even useful for that) so I can feel a bit more home till Chrome hopefully gets back through.

2. Other than that, I went to the media office at uni and the following will be my time table this semester (still subject to change though):

  • Wednesday 1-4: Art in Context 1
  • Thursday 10-1: 3D Studies, 1-4: Animation 1

So it looks like I’ll have some long weekends again. Not that I mind. At all. Currently trying to figure out whether or not I can do Digital Photography as an evening class just because I don’t get to do it on my course.

Squirrel 24.01.2010

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Since last time, nothing impressively interesting has happened. I would have written a little update anyway but my internet died for a few days (I’m at Martin’s just now so it might still be down, who knows?) so there was none of that. Instead I finished a book, watched some films and tidied my room. It needed that.

Went for a walk at Dean Park with Martin yesterday, just because we could. Was lovely and there was loads of squirrels. Later we went to see Avatar. It was amazing. The first thing I said when we came out of the cinema was “I want to see it again!”

Just a week till I start back at uni now so I should probably find out exactly what day I’m going back and what subjects I have. All I know is that it’s sometime in the week starting with 1 February. Actually I thought I knew what subjects I had but read somewhere that they were something else so now I’m not sure which is right. Will have to ask someone about that.

More time off 18.01.2010

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Okay, technically it’s still the same time off but it feels like it’s a whole new break seen as I spent most of last week doing uni related things.

Thursday we finished our film, added some music and things and just polished off the last details. I’ll see if I can get it uploaded somewhere but just now I only have it on dvd and it’s not the right format. After finishing the project, we walked to town (people were getting the train and bus, I was going to the bank) and decided to take the longer walk down by the river. It was full of snow and such a nice walk. Of course there was also throwing of snowballs (but ha, British gentlemen don’t shoot at women!) almost all the way and because of the ice under the snow we all slipped and fell over at least once.

We handed in everything on Friday, including the massive amount of paperwork we had. And now we’re off for two weeks! Friday afternoon I went out for a meal with Martin, his uncle and grandparents because it was his gran’s birthday. Lovely. At that point all the snow had melted again and the colour scheme outside was back to grey and brown.

On Monday, we went to Glasgow. Martin had a uni meeting and I wanted to go to the sales. They were taking down the Christmas lights in George Square. I was there when they put them up as well, so that was interesting.

Zombies 12.01.2010

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I’ve been back in Scotland for almost a week. Other than a few trips to the shops I haven’t really been doing much else than zombie-related things. Our latest (and final!) Film & TV project is due in on Friday so that’s what we’re just finishing up these days. We did a lot of the preproduction work before Christmas but noone really had time to get it shot till Saturday. So that’s when we really did some work. We got our film and sound kit, made up some friends (we cast Martin as the lead, Zed Maroon, zombie private detective, he was awesome!) as zombies and spent hours and hours in the freezing cold snow getting everything shot. When we were done, I don’t think any of us had any feeling left in our toes but we managed. Yesterday we were at uni all day cutting and editing and now the only thing missing is music. One of the others has a brother who’s good at that kinda thing so he’s composing a little soundtrack for us to use. We’re going back in on Thursday to get that sorted and then we’re just about finished.

Apart from that, I don’t really have a lot of things that need doing so I’ve got plenty of time for my own projects. More about these when they go past the just-an-idea stage.