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It’s quite windy outside 26.11.2009

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The See Me national finale is up and running and you can vote for my picture here. It’ll link you to a random photo when you click on it, but mine is the one named “Daniel” and since they’re in alphabetical order, it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Thanks so much to everyone who votes for me!

Yesterday I went into town to get some Christmas shopping and it was insanely windy. I had to tie a knot in the top of my carrier bag so the stuff didn’t fly out of it. On the way home I saw this ice cream van and nearly ran away screaming. I was completely freaked out as it was getting dark, but it was all quiet, so we’ll never know if it was actually the ghost ice cream van that still haunts the area.

Martin’s dad told me that the BBC uploaded some photos from the Blackpool dance experience to their website, so I went on to check if there was any of Martin and I, and yes, so there is. Here’s the one where you can actually sort of spot us because we’re not all the way back in the picture.

Yeah yeah, I know it’s not the coolest photo on earth, but I figured it needed to be on the blog anyway.

Uni is going alright, we’re about to start our final projects for this semester (argh, only three weeks to go!) and I’m covered in paint and ink splatters from my latest Visual Creativity work which is now all about colour. Other than that and some rather complicated briefs in Digital Media we have a couple of essays to do. However, they’re only 1000 words each and one of them is really more of a report than an essay, so if I can find an artist to write about, I should be okay. The Film & TV stuff isn’t so stressful at the moment as we have until 15 January and we’ve actually started doing some stuff for it.

This weekend Martin has some theatre thing so I’m totally going to see that. In about two weeks we’re off on our weekend break to Cardiff (ooh!) and the day before flying to Denmark, we’re going to see Beauty and the Beast in Glasgow. Centrestage are doing it in March so they’re all going to see the professional version of it and they’re allowed to bring friends and such so I’m going as well. Will be nice.



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